Meet the Owner-SHANTI

He was born in Maui, Hawaii and shortly after he moved to Tokyo, Japan. He spent his first 6 years of life connecting with his extended family and Japanese heritage. After graduating first grade, Shanti returned to Maui and was raised in a small farm town called Kula with his two younger sisters and younger brother.

From a young age, he felt deeply connected to nature and had a great appreciation for Hawaii’s unique ecosystem. After graduating high school, Shanti moved to Oahu where he fell in love with the ocean and its marine life.
At the age of 18, Shanti got his first boat job as a Japanese translator and spent the next 12 years expanding his knowledge in the boat tour industry. He worked as a crew and even acquired his captain’s license. He also held many positions on the company’s back end such as marketing director, operations manager, and eventually president.
During this time, he witnessed so many guests who were deeply moved by their dolphin experience. For some guests, swimming with dolphins in Hawaii is their lifelong dream and getting to share that moment with them is really powerful. He remembers some guests being brought to tears during the tour and knew that he wanted to continue creating these experiences for travelers to come.
Shanti had always dreamed of getting his own boat and creating a tour of his own. Finally, in October of 2022, his dreams became a reality as he purchased his first boat, a 2019 Robalo. Since the purchase of his boat, he has been working tirelessly to create a company that would allow him to continue sharing his passions.
Outside of work, Shanti spends most of his time in the water as a talented spearfisherman. He takes pride in providing food for his family and friends and in being self-sustainable.

Aloha Ocean Tours

What is Aloha?

 The direct translation is ‘the presence of breath’. However, Aloha can have many meanings such as love, compassion, and peace. Having the ‘Aloha Spirit’ means that you embody all of these traits and that you spread the Aloha to others around you.

At Aloha Ocean tours, we carry our name with pride and embody the Aloha Spirit on every tour. Each guest that joins our tour becomes a part of our ohana (family) and we work hard to create an unforgettable experience for everyone.
We believe in operating small group tours in order to form a real connection with each guest and to create a more intimate experience with the wildlife. We hope that through this experience, our guests will connect with and appreciate the ocean the same way we do.
We also believe in protecting the ocean’s health to keep our planet healthy and to continue having these amazing experiences for years to come. All of our tours are eco-friendly and our crew will share simple ways that you can take action too.